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How to find the story that most interests you

The Publications:

The AvS Weekly: approximately 4min reads, published every week (at least that’s the plan). Topics can vary. Quality too.

AvS Response Team: selected stuff I comment on other articles. Topics can vary.

AvS Life and AvS Rant: my other two publications. Don’t expect too much news here, I’m quite busy with other stuff. Length can vary. Descriptions of the two: “Life Help for People who can’t afford real Help” and “Uncensored Opinions on politics and lifestyle (which are the same thing)”

The Stories

its half past midnight, I’ll do this tomorrow

I‘ve got two minutes to catch the bus

Space for Improvement

When my train arrives at the train station in time, I can comfortably walk and still catch the bus. Typically, my train runs late.

The Swiss Federal Railways (in German, French and Italian: SBB CFF FFS) prides itself that 93% of its trains don’t have more than 3 minutes of…

A Bedtime Story

Prologue: When we go to bed, some never wake up again.

Imagine going to sleep.

The End.

How does that feel?

The unfortunate Story of a wrongly placed Snail

I was still a child when I grasped the concept of death for the first time. I had inadvertently stepped on a snail.

I felt awful. Everything about the experience was wrong. The Sound. The Feel. And the Result.


Actually it could. But not how many people imagine it to be.

Depending on how you define life, the universe could be alive and we'd be as much aware of it, as our cells are aware we are a living thing. This theory is backed by theories in higher mathematics called mandelbrot-fractals or something (I have to admit I don't understand it completely, I just know its something about small things being mirrored in larger things). You also could think of cities or the earth as a living organism from that viewpoint.

From the viewpoint of searching for purpose however this is useless since the universe would care about us as much as we care about our single cells.

This is such a typical US problem. If you'd stop perpetuating a system which was conceived in the 18th century and designed for a few million people unacquainted to democracy, then you'd actually might realize that to have a more stable (europeanized) democracy you need more than 2 large parties (something which is true for the UK too).

In a way the US reminds me of many other (latin) american states that are continually stuck choosing between a bad and a worse candidate for leadership instead of introducing more factions (or at least trying to).

However, I think a lot has to do with political education (or lack thereof), also a reason why e.g. the arab uprising in the last decade has failed to produce new democracies (yet I'm still hoping for and with the Algerian people to succed this time).

Anselm von Scherenschleifer

Archaeologist, avid Reader and Cinéphile. Writing about Politics. Living in Switzerland

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